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  1. ashmer resident

    Paging a Nurse

    Got hired as a nurse, finally. Decided to spend my day learning my way around, familiarizing myself with a few hospital procedures. Some of it is old hat, like vitals, burn and break treatment. Some of it is new, although I’m hoping that I don’t have to do any catheters...
  2. Baymo

    the news – entry 003

    long hours at the shop are keeping me from working on more strains. it does leave me plenty of time to reflect on how we got here. ive begun collecting newspapers and have them delivered here by anyone willing to drag them back from mainland for me. a really nice...
  3. Aiyana


      It’s been a long couple weeks Journal. Crazy how life can have it’s highs and lows so quickly. What’s next? Not sure. Had a run in with my favorite stalker. He’s in a wheelchair, guess the rumors were true. I had him right there, barrel on him, cocked and...
  4. Profile photo of Dale Madden - Syn Wytchwood

    Fight Night

    Well.. its the day. We been planning this for weeks and its finally here. Fight Night. I hope it’ll bring in a crowd. Aint worth gettin’ yer ass kicked if no ones around to see it. I caught a glimpse of the guy Im up against.. big dude.. bout as...
  5. Aiyana

    Guns with a splash of moonshine

    We don’t always fire warning shots. We don’t always attract the infected, but when we do we make sure to have drinks after. Another day, another fucking day and another visit. He had the nerve to tell me I was his, always had been. He wanted to break me…*inserts laugh...
  6. crossangel22 Resident

    Day One

    Jan 31st 2017 Just arrived to Arklay  Breathing the fresh cold sea air as I walk across the bridge. I saw some signs Shelter this way and I walk seeing a what looks to be Hospital all bang up and everything broken wall and holes in the building the place...

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