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  1. Pauleh

    Beach Blitzkrieg

    His body ached still despite it been a few days since the battle had occurred, too much jamming a now blunt knife through the skulls of the infected.  He looked around the room for his pile of bloody and smoke scented clothes, wondering if Kali had washed them yet, he...
  2. Molle Athelisa

    Day 1

    Today is my first day on the island. I already got a job at the general store, that was easy. Better then Staples easy! After working for a couple hours, I had made a trade for five shotgun shells. In exchange, they got $250 and a few candy bars and soda....
  3. Pauleh

    Washed Up

    Paul paced back and forth in his room, would this work… would that work… he think over and over in his head.  His pace quickened until he was swinging his boot towards the reinforced door *THUD*, ‘fuck’ he grumbled as he took a few steps back breathing in slowly.  He...