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  1. Gemini

    Into the Future…

    I can’t believe this is how life has turned out. In the past few days I have gone from having everything to having absolutely nothing. I was born and raised in southern New Mexico. I was raised by two very wealthy parents who taught me that money was the most...
  2. deteric-furyo

    Hello my old friend..

    by has been a long time since we have communicated. The entries of your journal have.. amused me.. but should you ever find out, remember this. Do not be afraid of change.. it will suit you, as it always has.. I know what is best for you, after all. It...
  3. Karma

    half the island and rising

    A week into this flooding, and while it hasn’t risen higher in a few days, it is now spreading to encompass more of the island. I’ve had to bring most of my animals to the eights, which might arouse suspicion from the town. But they are too valuable to let...
  4. robbyn poliak

    Time to get Grub

    Dear Soak’n’Wet Diary, Thought the waters would have subsided by now… almost out of rations for me and Scruffs here so guess I gotta go scavenge today.  We’ve been hold up on the roof of our apt building The Palms… high and dry is a good place to be. Plus...
  5. jennavecia Fang


                                              It’s me again taking time out just to chat about what I’m thinking ,I know most people talk about their hardship with this life not an I guess I should to but I just can’t bring myself to do so ,after losing so much an fighting for what I...
  6. katonia aries

    Prayers For Arklay

    Dear, Diary The flood waters have taken over my trailer leaving me homeless for now, which I will find shelter. Finding shelter isn’t the problem, the problem is when and if the flood is going to stop. My fear is that if the water don’t stop rising the whole island...