As survivors cope with the new world, bartering and trading is the way of life. Players can acquire commodities by physically transferring them between each other, scavenge, hunt, or trade at businesses.

  • Cash and ammo are tracked through the backpack feature on your HUD.
  • All other commodities are objects that can be transferred between avatars and actually reside in your Second Life inventory.
  • Search for O/ to quickly filter through your inventory for usable commodity.
  • Gauge their value by scanning through the Commodities index.
  • Hustle and make profit!

Business Vendors

To acquire goods sold by businesses, role-play between customers and workers is always required.

  • Players may become workers at both official and private businesses. Official businesses have a “For Hire” sign that allows players to choose an entry role and begin their role-play as a worker immediately.
  • Workers have access to the commodity vendor inside the business; they can exchange their cash for goods.
  • Workers have creative discretion to charge whatever they want for goods sold at the business; it’s an opportunity to barter, haggle, and make profit.

Supply Crates

Leaders of businesses and factions, including members of factions for certain types of commodities, have the ability to acquire crates from special supply zones on the Island. This feature allows groups to supply unique commodities on the Island and drive role-play opportunities between survivors and groups.

  • Every faction and business is assigned a trade category which governs access to certain commodity crates.
  • Crates are actually vendors that only leaders can purchase and rez in-world. Members listed on their group’s roster may access the vendor to purchase individual items and resell on their own.
  • The most commonly supplied crates are munitions and weapons.
  • Supplies have a daily limit.
  • Some commodities like water and marijuana are offered in bulk by box rather than a scripted vendor; simply unpack those in-world and individually resell.