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  1. Sweetie

    Men are like buses

    And the roller coaster totally comes crashing down, coz what else is it gonna do? It’s been like ages since I’ve seen him. Like maybe he’s gone or something bad...
  2. Jordana

    Forgive Me, Father.

    So, this isn’t really a journal entry so I don’t know why I’m writing this, but I’m still gonna treat it as one. Monday. June 19, 2017. I realized something...
  3. Abel Tempest

    Long Travels

    7 to 8 Months on the road, far from Arklay, my current home, least in this Wasteland of the Apocalypse. I’ve always drifted, my entire life, up until this moment,...
  4. Jordana

    All Rained Out

    June 19th, 2017. Monday.   I made a few new friends today. I think. Met ’em both at the diner. One was named Sweetie and the other was named Addie....
  5. Jordana

    Birthday #21

    Tuesday, June 13th, 2017. Twenty one. Well, I can legally drink now. Doesn’t matter much now I guess. I’ve been alone all day. I miss Lina and Brett, I wish...
  6. Sweetie

    Be a cool fool!

    Oh my gosh… talk about a roller coaster! Still kinda like totally trying to wrap my head around it, but major wow! Coz basically… I kissed a boy and I...