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  • 6 years ago

    Brynn Winters IC - Brie Reverie OOC

    Brynn Winters IC – Brie Reverie OOC Posted an update 6 years ago

    Hello to my friends in Outbreak. I have been away a bit this past week or so because I’ve had things going on mostly in RL. As such I’ve decided to take a break from OB for a spell. I’ve come to know many awesome people here and I’ve enjoyed roleplaying with you all. Who knows… I may blow back into this town sooner than I think, but I wanted to put this out there directly. As can happen in SL people sometimes just disappear without a word and sometimes that’s okay, but sometimes it causes hurt. I am not looking at this negatively, but more as a rest for my creative process. For now, I will step down from the Leader position that the private owner status afforded me. Should it come up for storyline’s sake Brynn and Jake ventured to the mainland together. Be well, be happy, and most of all be safe! *Hugs*