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  • 3 years, 9 months ago

    John Thomas Barnaby

    John Thomas Barnaby Posted an update 3 years, 9 months ago

    John Thomas Barnaby/Dymitri Jakulov Zakhaev,

    A former Russian Naval Fighter pilot, later in the early 2000’s deployed under a Russian federation project, Project BEAR. John’s one of the Squad members of Project BEAR, an Russian federation Special operations tactical team, initially prior to the outbreak set up as anti-terrorism unit under the Spetsnaz wing, all though it contained highly trained personnel from various countries around the world. When the infection stroke the EU and eventually Russia, BEAR was sent out as a low-profile operations unit to escort and protect VIP’s whom were involved in to a lead-project to the cure.
    However, John’s name isn’t his real name, but was given to him to make it easier for non-Russians to call him. The official truth beyond his name was to hide his identity from Europeans, the cold-war conflict brought him a troubled past as he attempted to seek for a normal life again before the outbreak.

    Reasoning for BEAR in the US;

    BEAR was sent to the US to work along side US Government officials in a somewhat secret operation to gain information and escort together with a Navy Seal team some VIP’s from California. However, in the progress of initially 3 squads send to head for LA, all 3 of them crash-landed, the first one went MIA due unknown reasons whilst the second one was sent on an SAR mission to retrieve information where the first Squad was sent to, when John’s squad was sent out, he flew the helicopter in over the state of Alaska’s borders when their helicopter struck a storm and crash-landed as well…
    Regarding due to that, John and his squad separated, as they must’ve thought John was either KIA, and had left him behind. After only couple days of being out, John regained and managed to escape free, luckily not with a whole lot of injuries… though after that the cold and bitter tour began to make his way down south over the several months following where he eventually stumbled across Arklay Island…

    As the infection spread throughout Europe, Russia and eventually reached other borders, John was sent out in lead to find out more information regarding the infection and ended up here at Arklay Island. Which at the first months seemed easy quickly became a troubled path of destruction, loss and death. Many of his Squad members where either found dead, gotten infected or spread out by the various groups and formed colonies of survivalists, bandits, loiters and what so ever.

    In an desperate move to survive he had to abandon his squad, which was easy to think of than done, unsure whether the rest is still alive or around, he has yet to find out. With only a cold flu past his back and hiding out in some sort of shed, he finally began to make his way around in search for whatever is left out there…