Buildings burn as frenzied survivors try to contain the Outbreak. Quarantined areas now lay in ashes as hope for those inside died when they wouldn’t. Ability to communicate diminishes more and more each day. The panic is real and survival is no longer guaranteed. The world you once knew now teeters dangerously towards a darkness with each decision you make… read other survivors’ stories

Day 1170 after the Outbreak…

  1. Sweetie

    Pot Luck

    So I turned up for my shift at the caff and OMG! It was like a bomb had hit the place! Total mess everywhere! No one around, obviously....
  2. Sweetie

    blah blah blah

    So I was like heading back to mine after my shift at the caff, totally dead apart from Eve’s endless blah blah blah. Oh my gosh, does she...

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