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  1. GroovyPeace Resident

    Rough Day in Arklay..

    oh my ..rough day in Arklay today ..started off like any other day on the island ..except today actually had nice weather time for some hunting and working at the Diner ..until a new face walks into the Diner..thought everything was ok till unruly customer but got through that part...
  2. GroovyPeace Resident

    There I Go Again ..

    There I go again you would think that I would learn ..but NOOOO …yet again I got dysentery …but this time I will pay closer attention to what I eat when a trip to the hospital for me yet again and working there was my sister Katonia shes a...
  3. GroovyPeace Resident

    jumps for joy

    Jumps for Joy ..finally Im healed no more dysentery for me yay go me lol…and now there is rain on the island again …oh well lots of good news today and a job as well ..the journey for me and my sisters Katonia and Jenna continues.
  4. GroovyPeace Resident

    Day 8 conts…

    Day 8 continues …well i finally got some medical assistance and healing from my dysentery.. Ive also gotten a little food and water so looking and feeling much better and now my sisters have finally decided to join me again lol. Lets see what else I can get myself into...
  5. GroovyPeace Resident

    Day 8 ..

    Day 8 on the island …well another day in the hospital for me still having the Dysentry ..well I think its time I need to get a job and find more ways to survive in the hard times …waiting on my sisters Katonia and Jenna as well getting kinda lonely...
  6. GroovyPeace Resident

    Long Day 7 conts…

    Long Day 7 continues for me.. Still in the hospital waiting patiently on staff to come and give me more medication needed to help with the Dysentry that I have but now im starving and dehydrated does it ever end? … I dont know but Day 7 isnt looking to...
  7. GroovyPeace Resident

    Day 7 conts…

    Day 7 continues for me …well still laying here in the hospital trying to heal up and not having much luck since i need more antibiotics i think …kind of lonely laying here…wishing someone would come and give me some antibiotics to help me out ugh…well will wait a little...