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Day two

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Yesterday I got an all clear at the shelter, and some food and water. I also met some friendly people.

Shit – I am not good at this. I never really liked keeping a journal. Tried several times when I was growing up, but it never felt right. It was just ramblings of trivial things that got shorter and shorter every day until I stoped writing all togther. Maybe this will happen this time around to… I don’t know.

Anyway. I am still holding up pretty well, all things consiered. I killed another one of thise things yesterday, a child. Hate it when it is the small ones I encounter. I usually avoid the bigger ones since I lost my knife. But the little ones – What was their story? Where are their parents? Were they infected too? Feel so bad for them, but angry at the same time. Maye I just wanna put them out of their missery. Or maybe I am just mad. Yes, a bit mad too.

I am gonna go out and find some more food. I still have most of what I got from the shelter still, but I am hungry. I’ll see if I can catch some poor critter, I have done that before, but don’t have my knife anymore. Maybe I can try a trap? I have seen that done on TV, but I wouldn’t know what kind of trap. What kind of animals live around here?

Well. I might just wrap this up for now. I just thought I’d give this journal a go.

See you later little book