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  1. Sweetie

    Shit happens

    Oh my gosh… the last few days… totally horrible, I mean big time. Dunno how it happened, except I guess I probly do, coz I been drinking water from the wells, but it’s like sometimes really really difficult to find half decent water anywhere. But I guess that’s just what...
  2. MeganOspanky Resident

    August 14, 2017

    Today I finally made it to Arklay.  I’d heard about it almost a year ago but it took me forever to make my way here.  All those damn zombies and, even worse, the fucking monsters that look like normal humans but have no hear and no soul.   FUCKING BANDITS! ...
  3. Caskca Resident

    Sex Life!

    14/08/2017,  Well what can I say, I thought that it was nothing special what the grown ups did and well being 18 makes me one too.  But had i known that having sex was like this I would have started having it a long long time ago! There was so...
  4. Zuri Ama

    August 13, 2017; Zuri

    My first day on the Island and so far just walking around I have run into a few people, none that are willing to talk to strangers it seems. Maybe ill have more luck on my second day. I rummaged through a trash bin and came up empty, I even...
  5. elsarayne Resident

    Up Close and Personal

    Jordan and Sara were really getting along well, it may have only been the second day of them meeting but watching them you’d never know it. Sara took Jordan into town so she could sell some bullets she found earlier in the week during one of her scavenging trips. Jordan...
  6. Sweetie

    Selfie time!

    So I found this totally cool polaroid camera, but OMG, super difficult taking selfies and you only get one go! But I totally had to do a selfie when all dressed for the honey man! Oh, and the piccie’s taken in my room, coz I really decided I need my...
  7. Sweetie

    nom nom nom

    Oh my gosh… Like what the fuck? Okies, so deep breath and like gather. I get back into town, pretty much the first place I get to is the caff, the place is empty, town is kinda quiet, which is cool I guess, but whatever, anyways, I’m kinda just looking...
  8. ghostlykyfara resident

    Return to Arklay.

    Day… 967 I made it.. again. ”The sight of Arklay’s buildings were heaven sent. Having seen plenty of outposts with hoodlum from all over, it felt reassuring to see the town again… Somewhat at least. There’s a burning feeling in the pit of my stomach as I walk the so...
  9. Rishalou Beika

    Good people….

    Hmph, sometimes, I think back to before, and wish I could go back to how I was before everything went to hell. I used to not mind people so much. Now? Even with someone who means well, I get nervous. I stay on guard mentally. Got lucky today, met a...