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Back to Business

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[[All entries are assumed to be written in Russian. For the sake of this Journal the entries are translated into English so the players can follow the story as it progresses.]]

March 22…

Yes I skipped a day on purpose. I spent the majority of that day in the hospital. Had a few visitors, and then got released. I’m not going to go into the details of why I don’t want to talk about all that, but lets just say, I won’t be spending much time in that place anymore. Not because I dislike hospitals as much as I dislike clowns.. but because there were things that just didn’t make sense. Got a good laugh out of it though. Anyway, I’ve been home making plans on how to expand business, and prevent reckless attacks like that from happening again. I know that it’s unlikely to happen again to that extreme, but don’t give people too much credit. People are a many headed beast. Stop one, and another will take its place.

Not much more to say. Spent more time thinking about how to deal with a certain woman, as well as get everything back on track. I can almost predict that the rules I set in place went out the window the moment I left. Seems as though if I’m not there to enforce them, the building will burn. Why do I feel like I’m back in Russia? This is quickly turning into a game of Mafias and power. I left that life behind a long time ago.. but in a place like this.. if that’s what’s needed to ensure that my people, my family don’t keep getting killed by every idiot with a gun and something to prove.. so be it.

Back to Business.. as usual.