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First Night

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I met V when I first arrived, he’s the leader of the TFR and seems like a very nice guy. As usual despite the world ending around us, I just couldn’t help myself and it turned into a flirty conversation. Lord help me I’m terrible I know. Other than that encounter I kind of kept to myself tonight, being my first day here and just explored a little to get the feel of the place.

The town seems pretty big, just not too many people when I was looking around. I found a few places I can work at and with my past the Dollhouse seems like the best bet for any type income. All I know is I need something so I can earn enough money for ammo for my crossbow, I need to eat too and seeing how I only managed to scavenge a can of yummy cat food …. yeah I need money or better luck at finding things to trade.

I do feel safe here, more than I have in a long while, even with running across three infected while out trying to hunt. I did better against them than I did the wildlife, that rabbit, chicken and both boar got very lucky and all got away… ok or maybe I’ve just gotten rusty at hunting.

I’m at the hospital for the night to get some sleep, it’s been a busy first day and I’m worn out. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day.