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Day 850: The Shelter, TFR & Hunting

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April 10, 2017

I found myself at the hospital last night, my leg fuckered from a chase with some deer. Yes, I fucking tried to take down a deer with my knife. I’ve done it before, alright? Anyways, it went badly and I managed to sprain my ankle on some rocks half hidden in the brush. Knocked a few zombies out, though, and managed to scavenge a few things as a result. Most of it’s been donated already…

My new pal Nala, the server from the day before at SamNella, found me not long after I set up my hunting spot by the ruins near the hospital. We shot the shit for a few, before she had to go. Once again, I owe someone – she tossed me a small box of ammo for my sidearm before leaving, which was pretty awesome of her. That shit’s expensive. She was sporting some camo I didn’t see on her before, looks like she’s moved on up the food-chain around here. I heard rumors that Task Force Rainbow had made its way here. If so, I may have found my apocalypse calling. TFR was, as far as I’d heard, the only military group to reform after the Outbreak with the goal of purely restarting and defending civilization. Made up of the remnants of the world’s different military factions, it’s probably the closest I’ll ever be to what I thought I’d actually be doing in the military, way back when I joined up.

It’d be a nice turn of events to find myself doing the job I always thought I’d be doing, even though it’s a little late. I guess, since the world is still here, it still needs saving and protecting. The irony of the situation is that the world doesn’t look different to me, it just looks more realistic now. Like the carefully built image of the world that existed for most westerners prior to the Outbreak has finally been lifted to reveal the muck that was always there. This is, honestly, what humanity really looks like when you get beneath the sanitation and willful blindness. I always wanted to do something about the real state of things, but in the old world with its restrictive politik and power games, I found myself being used as the sword more often than the shield.

I joined up, all those years ago, to do good. All I did was cause harm. Maybe TFR will give me the chance to actually do what I wanted to do all along. Or, maybe I’ll be used to cause harm like I was last time. Who knows, but nothing’s going to prove out if I don’t step up and try it, right?

Stay safe, stay alive;