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Day 889

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Things have been a little slow and I’ve been a bit spacey. I feel like things have been pretty quiet these days. I don’t mind it, but I do like being around people. There is the newer face I’ve been seeing lately. I know you shouldn’t call a guy cute, but hey.. I call it as I see it. I enjoy when he comes down to the Diner and talks to me. Helps me stop feeling lonely. I mean I got my sister, but she works as much as I do. Talking about feels makes me wonder. Seems like there has been a decline in staff. Can’t say for certain as people as busy trying to survive. I don’t mind it, but means I have to put in more hours. Won’t lie though, I like working. Keeps my mind occupied and I don’t think as much. Cooking has always been something I liked to do. Makes me miss my mother’s cooking though. I did learn everything I know from her. I know I don’t got much to write, but I thought it would be something. I like writing a little bit. Kind of relieves my soul in a way. It’s cool though. Maybe one day when I’m dead and gone someone will find this if there is anyone even left.


All you fine souls better be doing well,