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Jackpot! I found some baccy! All sealed in its pouch too! How totally cool is that? Ok… so there’s no actual papers anywhere but I found an old bible by the church. They’re totally the best, super thin pages, perfect for rollies!

Soo happy right now!

But this place… oh my gosh! I totally don’t get it. People are like super nice which is totally cool, I guess. But they just give away food and stuff! And I don’t mean just the hospital, which is totally amazing! I mean people in town. There’s gotta be a catch I’m guessing, right? I mean, it’s not normal is it?

Like yesterday, I saw someone doing a dumpster dive. She came up with a tin, saw me watching and just tossed it over! Seriously for real! A whole tin of sweetcorn. Totally knew it was sweetcorn too coz it still had its label on and everything!

And then earlier today, I got kinda talking with someone who was just, you know, talking about giving dog biscuits to like an actual dog! And a stray dog too! Oh my gosh! And then she was on about putting flowers and stuff out to make stuff look all pretty! Thinking about it, she was kinda spaced out some…

I dunno… but this is kinda freaking me out some. I’m not getting a nasty vibe or anything. But I mean there’s either something going on here that I totally don’t get, like they’re all in a cult or something or these guys are in serious trouble coz someone’s gonna get to hear and they’re gonna wanna take what they got.

Shit… maybe all that free stuff from the hospital they give away is like full of happy drugs or something! And I’m in there now! Eating their dog biscuits as I’m writing… oh crap…. Now I dunno if I should sleep or what…