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Things Remembered

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(Journal is written in fluent Russian)

My life has been so morose lately that I am starting to wonder if this is what others call depression. Of course with everything that has happened since my younger brother and I went on vacation and ended up where we are now, it’s no wonder. I have been trying to keep my mind off of all the bad the best that I am able.. I go out to try to find anything salvageable as often as I can, I try to hunt (though I’m not very good at it), and other such things that are now necessary to lead as normal a life as possible. While this might help during the day.. it all comes back at night when I’m laying down doing my best to get what sleep I can. I can’t find my brother.. he’s been missing since that day we explored the fairgrounds area.. We argued and he stormed off. I didn’t think it would be the last time I saw him. I have tried looking for him, with no luck of finding him so far, but I will not give up. As far as I know.. he’s the only family I have left in this world.

Speaking of family.. I wonder how our parents are doing, if they are even still around. Grandpa use to tell war stories so much.. I wonder if any of that training has come in handy against the sick.. Do they even have the sick over there? It’s hard to imagine this being all over the world.. but it would be silly to think it’s only in one small area.. So if that is the case, I hope that they are all holding up better than I am. I miss them so much.

Going to keep this entry short.. paper is hard to find and this notebook does not have many pages left..