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Oh my gosh… kinda super quiet round here at the mo, I mean like big time quiet, so I’m kinda thinking first, where’s everyone gone and why haven’t I been invited? But like more seriously, I’m kinda thinking now’s a good time to head to the mainland to hunt for stuff, you know, coz the days are long and weather’s good. Coz I’m kinda thinking that’s where everyone’s gone. I’m probly too late, the whole area will have like totally been picked dry, but gotta try right? And if I get lucky, maybe I can make little secret stashes to go back to later in the year, you know, like a squirrel.

But even with everything so quiet, people are still turning up. Just not sure how long they’re gonna stay. Like there’s this guy I noticed, he keeps kinda hovering round the caff, chatting some, seems kinda nice, and I’m thinking maybe he’s got the hots for me or something, but I’m also thinking he totally¬†doesn’t know what to do about it, you know, coz it kinda confuses him. Seriously mixed signals. But hey, his problem. But totally gotta be careful coz sometimes guys like him, they wanna make it my problem, like the other day, this one guy turned up and said he could rape me. I told him he could try. He didn’t. Not seen him since. But stuff like that’s super rare, touch wood.

And then, to like top it all, I came across a scribbled note and a stash of goodies from my man (Did I just call him that? Guess I totally did!) saying he’s gone on a mainland run, and I guess that’s kinda totally made my mind up, so yeah, gonna pack my gear and head off. Built up a good stash of food and ammo and stuff. Thinking a couple of weeks should be good.


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