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nom nom nom

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Oh my gosh… Like what the fuck? Okies, so deep breath and like gather. I get back into town, pretty much the first place I get to is the caff, the place is empty, town is kinda quiet, which is cool I guess, but whatever, anyways, I’m kinda just looking around and stuff, when this guy turns up. He’s been before, I’ve seen him around. So I say hi and he doesn’t say anything, he just puts a bag on a table and looks at me. So I look in the bag and it’s got like girl clothes in it! Seriously! There’s a dress and heels and I look at him and the way he’s looking at me, it’s kinda obvious what’s going on here…

So I’m totally not gonna pretend here, the thought of putting on that dress, and those heels, deff made me feel all tingly inside, I mean it’s been like how long? Forever probly since I dressed up. And he’s kinda hot too, so there wasn’t anything happening here that I wasn’t up for, but hey, gotta play it cool right? So I tell him that if he wants me to dress up and be all sweet for him, maybe a pot of honey might help. And he only goes and pulls a jar of honey out of his bag and slides it across the table. So now I’ve got a cute little black tube dress, a pair of strappy heels that not only look like they actually fit but kinda match too, a pot of honey and some seriously naughty fun with a hot guy to look forward to!

That was like totally my cue to head off, told him to follow in a bit, you know, when I’d had a chance to scrub up and oh my gosh, in that dress and in those heels, totally like tingly all over and all squirmy inside! He seemed to like it too, big time, in fact he didn’t waste any time and yeah, typical guy, he was gone as soon as he came, but after that, I totally needed my honey! Nom nom nom!

But this was like soo totally not what I was expecting to happen on my first day back. I mean, like seriously… who would could have even begun to have guessed, right?