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Return to Arklay.

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Day… 967

I made it.. again.

”The sight of Arklay’s buildings were heaven sent. Having seen plenty of outposts with hoodlum from all over, it felt reassuring to see the town again… Somewhat at least.

There’s a burning feeling in the pit of my stomach as I walk the so familiar Streets after all this time. Some shops had closed down, though others seemed to be starting up just fine. Everyday life here sure was something different, it almost looks ” normal”. Things looked and smelled the same ever since then. The lingering taste of death and decay were ever so present. I still much prefer the woods over the city, but for this town I’m willing to make an exception.

As rage fuelled my entire sore body I put one foot in front of the other and upped the pace. My determination lead me to coach’s  for some reason. I drag my tired body into the pub and sat down at the nearest table. The people there were talkative and kind. They provided me with resources. I’ll have to return the favor soon.

The person I was looking for wasn’t where I thought he’d be so I continued on. Dragging my feet yet feeling slightly more refreshed. I looked all along the shoreline but my insomnia was getting the best of me so I ended up at the AES to spend the night. I’ll continue my search first thing in the morning. ”that person” will not be safe ”