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Selfie time!

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So I found this totally cool polaroid camera, but OMG, super difficult taking selfies and you only get one go! But I totally had to do a selfie when all dressed for the honey man! Oh, and the piccie’s taken in my room, coz I really decided I need my own place.

That was like actually the first thing I did when I got back. I’d had my eye on it before I left and the more I thought about it, the more it like totally made sense. Not that I got much stuff, but the work at the caff’s kinda hard, you know, getting wood for the stove and carrying buckets of water to wash the place and hunting for food and all the cleaning and scrubbing and the hours can be kinda long, so it’s good to have a place which is I guess like safeish to crash.

It’s not like all super smart or big or anything, just the one room, but it’s like part of an old hotel or something and there’s others around, and they seem kinda cool, so I’m thinking it’s okay. Got a bucket to wash in and I’m like using a plastic Twister sheet I found so the floor doesn’t get all wet and rot and the sheets on the bed don’t smell too bad and so for now I’m gonna call it home with like big fingers crossed.