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Shit happens

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Oh my gosh… the last few days… totally horrible, I mean big time. Dunno how it happened, except I guess I probly do, coz I been drinking water from the wells, but it’s like sometimes really really difficult to find half decent water anywhere. But I guess that’s just what I’m gonna have to do coz I totally don’t wanna be on all fours with a bucket at each end. No way big time!

So I dragged myself to the hospital a couple of times and the doc there, Maze, she was like super helpful, gave me meds and stuff. There was no sign of Eithan, but she said he was away, but she’d heard alive and well, so that was kinda like good news I guess. But anyways, after like three days or whatever it went away and I was kinda back to normal, or like whatever passes for normal these days. So, yay!

So then it was like back to work and there’s a new boss at the caff, and at the pub too, so I dunno what happened when I was away, but with the hospital, looks like major changes all round! Still got my job, so that’s cool, now just need to keep my head down and get on with stuff, right? While I work out what’s like really going on. Don’t wanna like go and stick my head over the parapet, right?