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Up Close and Personal

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Jordan and Sara were really getting along well, it may have only been the second day of them meeting but watching them you’d never know it. Sara took Jordan into town so she could sell some bullets she found earlier in the week during one of her scavenging trips. Jordan was so excited to get some money for something she just found and to top it all off, Sara got Jordan a gun so she’d be protected.

Of course Jordan has never shot a gun or held one in her life, so she was terrified of the thing. Lucky for her Sara was prepared for that reaction and had Dale agree to set up shooting lessons for her. They had to wait until daylight though, Dale informed them you don’t go shooting in the dark….

Once they had finished in the shop, Sara took Jordan to her special place. It was an old run down fair ground, the girls would hang out and explore down here. But they explored more than just the grounds, they began to explore each other a bit too. As Jordan sat on the old Ferris Wheel, Sara stood between her legs. The two girls were holding onto one another as they started to kiss. It wasn’t just a small peck but a major make out session going on; Sara had to fight to keep control of herself as Jordan was still just a child in many senses.

They made out for several minutes before Sara regained her control and pulled away. It was getting late to be out, since the outbreak so Sara walked Jordan back to the shelter so she had a safe place to sleep. The two kissed good night and that was the end of a very special night for the two girls.