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Caught with my trousers down…

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Oh my gosh, but it’s easy to forget how you kinda totally take stuff for granted until it’s not there any more. I mean like earlier, I was in the woods coz I was gonna go hunt something for the caff, when I realised I totally needed to take a dump. So I found a quiet spot and there I was, squatting, with my trousers round my ankles, totally minding my own business when I hear this noise behind me and it’s only a fucking rot like right there, pretty much looming over me! I mean ffs!

I mean, I was like majorly falling all over the place in a total panic! And still with my trousers down as I tried to grab my knife! Plus I totally knew I couldn’t like cry out or anything. Not so much coz it might attract other rots but more coz someone might actually come over and see what was going on and that would be like just soo totally embarrassing. The whole thing was like seriously way too stressful! Oh my gosh… And I’m now like covered in bruises and stuff, but those were pretty much all from all the tripping over and falling over I did. Like I said, super embarrassing.

But like seriously, why’s there no loos here? I mean, I totally get how the plumbing’s totally collapsed or whatever, and there’s no running water, but still, you’d think maybe there’d be some kinda longdrop type thing, you know, coz, really, is it like too much to ask to just be able to have shit in peace?



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    GroovyPeace Resident

    October 30, 2017

    omg sweetie …laughs so hard …love the posts they make my day all the time so great …i laughed so hard almost peed lmfao. fantabulous.