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There’s this guy

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Okies…. so kinda majorly conflicted right now and I totally don’t know if I’ve gone and done something that’s like really really stupid, but I totally can’t help myself. There’s this guy…

Course there is, right? But anyways, seen him around, then we got chatting, kinda one thing lead to another and he’s back at my place and I’m in his arms and we’re kissing and oh my gosh, but it feels soo good, it really does.

And that’s all I remember! Did I say I’d been drinking the shiny stuff? But in the morning I wake up and I’m like still all dressed and he’s like nowhere to be seen and I’ve like no idea what’s going on. I see him as I’m heading into work and he tells me that I just kinda passed out in his arms and so he just left! Which is kinda wow and in no time it’s like round two and I’m in his arms again (soo dreamy!) and we’re kissing again (totally dreamy!) and then we’re like doing loads more (hot or what!) and whatever I’m doing, he’s like doing it too (OMG hot and dreamy!)

And afterwards, when I’m just lying there with his dreamy arms around me, I only go and suggest that maybe he should like have a key to my place. I mean, what was I thinking? Well, I totally know what I was thinking: I was thinking that I totally miss that soo much, being with a guy like that, even just the idea of falling asleep with him, it makes me feel all safe, it really does and I miss it and I need it big time I don’t care if it’s gonna end badly, coz I totally want it.