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11/15/17 Dear Diary…..

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dear diary1115

I suck at keeping a journal now just about as much as I did before all this went to shit. It’s been ages since I wrote anything but for good reason, I must say. Last time we spoke, Diary, I mentioned that complex I found while walking back to my little camp and how I was going to take up residence there and make it nice again. Well, I certainly did that and what would you know, people have noticed what the place has to provide again! Just a handful, mind you, but still. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Got some pretty good people working here for me, keeping it safe and improving its structure and safety. Brooklyn, my girl in charge of the Wall, stands out in particular. She has an excellent work ethic and has shown smarts in the wake of potential dangers. Her name is definitely going on the list for Head of Security.  I need to get back to working soon here but I wanted to mark down mention of another person who’s had their face around. Erika Ohlson, that surgeon from nearly ten years ago who repaired my leg just before being deployed and when Dad died. She showed up at my gates, practically starving from her inability to hunt for herself.  She’s barely aged a day and is prettier than the even the drug haze remembers.