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Gun shy?

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Yeah, kinda looks like the puppy’s for keeps, coz I’ve been back to where I found him and there’s like totally no sight of his mum. So I guess now the hard work starts, the actual training. It’s cool, coz I found a book that’s got stuff in it but the main thing is to make sure he doesn’t bark. He’s totally gotta learn that. And house training, that’s important too. And not wandering off… Oh my gosh, the list is like endless! Really hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew! But he’s not gun shy which is like a super huge relief!

So yeah, Kibbles and me, guess we’re a thing now! Talking of which, this guy came into the caff, wanted to do a deal about something or other, but that’s not the point, what was the point was that he like volunteered loads of goss on Ashes! Totally stashing that away for like never. But still, interesting to know, right? And I don’t know who you are reading this, so I’m pretty sure you totally don’t need to know the juicy details! (In the old days I’d totally put a sticking out tongue emoji here!)

But Ashes is super cool, like we set stuff up for all the Americans to do the Thanksgiving thing, cooked up loads of turkeys and stuff yesterday, so I’m thinking there’s gonna be turkey leftover stew for a few days to come! But water’s still a thing, trying to find fresh water that is, not the stuff from the wells, coz the pub seems kinda dead right now, though Dollhouse is sposed to be open again, so maybe I’ll be able to get some there. Though I’m kinda thinking I might have found a source, but I’m totally not allowed to talk about it coz it’s kinda secret and I really really don’t wanna kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, right?