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Tough Decisions

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Things are not bad here at Arklay.. well, the people for the most part are friendly enough, and the community seems to have the potential to be a good thing in this world.. though the Infected that find their way onto the streets are an issue.. I had been taking some time over at Coach’s.. it’s a pub that I have decided would make a nice place to actually make something of my interest in bartending. I still dont know where everything is, and it’s clear that someone has been there before me, so I left a note for them. I am hoping to catch them one of these days and see what their situation is and if they need some help. Anyways, so like I said, I was taking some time there.. getting a feel for the place.. when a couple of the infected came wandering inside.. What was worse, they were uniformed.. police.. or they used to be anyhow. I still had not found any bullets, which otherwise I am told are somewhat expensive, so I had to deal with them by hand. I couldnt let them attack other people who came in there.. After leading them out the back door I put them down, but in the process I twisted my ankle.. Wouldnt be such a big deal, except it agitated an old wound from my last tour. Fortunately, I did have some medicine to handle the pain, and took that so I could last until I got somewhere secure without having to limp all the way. That’s when everything went sideways.

In my condition, I was not thinking straight, and was quite thirsty and out of it. I guess I thought I could catch a turkey I saw on the side of the road, but ended up scraping my hands and knees instead, and further aggravating my foot injury.. then the infected showed up.. fortunately Dylan also showed up with some guy she called Jack. Between the three of us, we were able to deal with several infected that came.

Dylan suggested we go to the hospital, which I was in no condition to object to, but this Jack guy seemed to be a bit off himself.. I got a bad feeling about him, and would have just as quickly shot him as if he were an infected (if i had bullets), after he threatened to attack me. Somehow I suspect Dylan was not with him by choice. Eventually the guy decided to go his own way, to my relief, but stopped as another woman showed up. After some encouragement from Dylan and I, she would choose to join us rather than take her chances with Jack, and we went on to the hospital.

I have been trying really hard not to get close to people, to other survivors.. It’s hard letting go when you see them fated to die, or have to put them down yourself.. but there’s something about Dylan, that I just cannot place. Sure, we have only just met and she is young.. well, no.. she is not a kid, not really.. she is just younger than me.. but she is also intelligent, thoughtful, and.. okay, I admit it.. I am growing fond of her company.  Anyways, she offered to take a look at my foot when we got inside, and then led us to the third floor where the shelter was set up. Seems the hospital used to be a hotel or something.

All in all, I cannot say I was looking forward to the pain caused when she was tending to my injury, but after a good nights rest following, I can say with relief that I can again walk on my foot.. even if I am limping, and having to use crutches. Even got my gun back from Dylan. Guess she slipped it into my boot when I was sleeping, and even left me a couple bullets for it. I’ll have to apologize to her for handing it to her empty when shit hit the fan on the streets. Not a smart move on my part, but then again.. I was high as a kite, and more concerned with her safety.

For now I think I will take a chance and go try and scavenge for anything useful. Maybe something I can give to Dylan to repay her for patching me up. Then I think I might swing by Coach’s for a bit, sit on the stool behind the counter, and wait in case someone happens to come by looking for someone to talk to. Probably not the smartest choices, since Dylan told me I needed to stay off my foot for a few days.. but I cannot just sit around and do nothing. I will be careful. For her.

Now that I think about it, I didnt catch the new woman’s name, but maybe I just was not paying attention well enough. When I find out what it is, I will write it down to add to the list.

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