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Changing spaces

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Well, I can write again now.. when the water started flooding the lower land areas of the Island, I started spending my nights in a more private spot by myself, with most of my things still back at the AES Shelter. By the time it had risen to the level where the first floor of the AES was submerged, I returned to get my crossbow.. Note to self, no more swimming in the flood water.. I didnt tell anyone, but something almost pulled me under when I was crossing.. not sure if it was an under current, or an infected, but it sure did quicken my speed. Fortunately, by the time I left, I was able to get a ride back across with a man named Elias, in a boat with all of my belongings. Figured it’s time for me to relocate until the water levels go back down.. fortunately it’s in a high place.

Dylan, Phil, Ashes, Karma, Rosie, Stella, Augi, Nell, Jack, James, Maze, Kobe, Regin, Hrodger, Page, Grant, Ru, Teagen, Dale, Erika, Dane, Taylor, Mark, Kendall, Elias.

I cannot help but wonder how others are handling the matter.. How people are being affected by the possibility of losing everything they worked so hard for.. if this were a normal world, I would be concerned that I am so detached from the stresses this kind of situation causes.. but then, maybe I have Him to thank for that.. hopefully I am wrong, and He isnt influencing me.

Still, if the water keeps rising, there’s a good chance that Sam N Ella’s is going to be unable to serve people food.. Which means I need to really step up my game.. Maybe if I can get everything going, I can get that generator started without an inspection, and the kitchen can be put to use.. Sam N Ella’s can work from my space until things are back to normal.. after all, most of survival on this island is working together with our fellow survivors.. What’s the worst that could happen?