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Rainy days are good for some things..

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So I have decided that I am going to use the rain for a tactical advantage.. since most people on the Island seem to want to avoid the wetness and stay indoors, I have decided to use these days for hunting.. the rain washes off any smell I might have, which means the infected are not as likely to appear and give me a hassle.. just the same, the animals wont smell me either.. Fortunately I sold my service pistol for a crossbow.. the quietness of firing it is a welcomed benefit, and it was relatively inexpensive compared to other weapons. Seems I might have drawn interest to my cause for the butchery idea.. a few people have offered their time when I get to the point of putting together hunting groups.. however there are some who are arrogantly stubborn and prefer to do things alone. It really shouldn’t anger me, because it’s their death wish to not want to work with others.. there is truth in the saying that there’s safety in numbers.. what is left out is that the safest and most dangerous place is in the middle of any group.. which is why I prefer to be up front.

Speaking of anger.. it happened.. it’s been awhile since the last time, but he came back. It was brief, and I wasn’t in a clear mind to do anything about it.. if I can even stop him from doing what he wants.. still, I thought I got away from him. He is nothing but trouble for me.. when he is around, undesired and bad things happen.. Last time he showed up, I ended up stranded on a beach many miles from home, with blond hair, and learned that he had nearly beaten someone to death while I was away.. I’ll have to tread lightly, so that he doesn’t mess things up for me here.