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Squelch squelch squelch

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The water’s still rising… not as fast, but kinda like slow and steady, which is still majorly stressful. You can see it now from the caff’s back yard, just beyond the fallen bridge. Getting closer and closer. The goats are still here and I’m seriously thinking Ashes needs to get them to higher ground. Everything else is either gone or pretty much packed and like ready to go at a moment’s notice, the stuff which hasn’t been stashed up the tower thing. Benches and tables are just gonna have to swim for it I guess, but I might try to like tie them all together or something.

I squelched up to the Lounge looking for water to drink, it’s like a different world in there, but Hayley’s set up camp beds for people and then Rosie like squelched her way in. Her campsite’s underwater now, and she lost her dog… drowned I think. Her horse I think managed to run off, or swim away, ior whatever. Hayley gave me some water for free, which was like totally cool and I told her if she needed food up there, to come down with some tubs we could fill up, same deal. Well, for as long as we’re still here obvs.

Ky squelched into the caff, looking for wood to build a bridge thing to get in and out of the hospital. Tried to help him some, dunno how useful I was though. Gotta admit, by then I was like sleep walking. Crashed on a camp bed in the yard, snuggled up to Kibbles, my little hairy hot water bottle. I’d found a copy of Winnie the Pooh earlier, the one where there’s the flood, and thne dreamed I was up a tree with all my honey.

Oh fuck… is all my honey gonna be ruined?