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It’s only the beginning

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It’s harsh out here. I never thought something that was in the movies would become real. I guess that’s how humanity saw things, an experiment that turned into a world disaster. I have lost everyone, My family, my friends, my boyfriend, it’s just me. At first it was scary, I thought I’d never make it but I guess I’m doing okay for the most part. At least I can say i’m not stuck int he gloomy lands of England, but I don’t think the states are any better to be honest. Luckily enough I haven’t been raped or gotten killed, kidnapped, or whatever dangerous things this new world wants to throw at me. It’s hard being alone honestly, I thought maybe I’d be grown and have a boyfriend and have a dog and kids. Jason would have loved that, “Fur-babies first for practice” he always said. I miss him, It’s been a couple years, I don’t even know where I am at anymore. I talk to the them to the point I feel crazy, I laugh at myself thinking their lifeless bodies are roaming where I left them with no true guts to really kill them. I hope someone did, put them out of their misery if they were in any. I think even to this day I don’t have the guts to kill people I once shared birthdays and holidays with. The very woman who birthed me succumbing to the illness only to claw at the door of her closed bedroom door. I don’t know what was more confusing, her surprised death or the fact we had a wonderful family night before it all. Jason was over even, we all laughed and joked, played games, ate pizza. Margret had us play monopoly which took forever and a decade. My father was late as always but it was good he even was able to come home and enjoy everything.  I’m still shocked, I wake up thinking maybe this is all a crazy nightmare but it’s not, it’s only the beginning. I hear growls in the distance, The dead seem to have heard my thoughts so I guess I should head out before they get closer. If I don’t write in this book then I guess my life has ended and someone else’s story begins.