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The New We

Outbreak, despite general goodwill and friendliness, is about survival. It’s easy to recognize the threat of the infected and deal with them, or avoid them. How far do we go to survive? Does retaining our humanity matter? Those questions crossed my mind early on. I often feared a limited nuclear war as a kid. Total destruction, or MAD didn’t bother me as much. No one survives. But a limited nuclear war meant survival, and God only knows how that would unfold. Same with Outbreak. Does the grizzled, hardcore survivalist forget to take a mandatory action, leaving him in dire straits? Does the miniskirt wearing fleekazoid blonde manage to do everything right, ending up a community leader?  We all fall somewhere on the scale of survival, and Outbreak is an opportunity to explore and uncover our survival persona, while having some fun, via our character. What would we do?

December 31, 2016 December 31, 2016
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