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Doll House Updates (1/22/17)

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mystik anatra


Doll House Updates

The Goings On:


  • The hot spring (OOC pool) has been up and running now for a couple of months without issue, thanks to everyone doing their part and making sure no soaps or detergents touch its’ natural waters. If potential bathers are in need of a good scrub, direct them to the wash station, near the shelves. There, they can use the sponge and bucket to clean off before slinking in for a soak.
  • Narcotics are back in stock! *does her happy dance for Vicodin* Through valiant search efforts, rescue missions and seek and destroy operations *giggles* We’ve managed to secure a sizable loot of Methadone, Percocet, a few Dilaudid tablets and five Fentanyl patches (OOCly in the form of 3 prescription pills). While the narcotics box is certainly not bottomless, you can rp selling these pills, but limit them to two a day per customer, purposes being to make our supplies stretch until the next supply run. As for the fentanyl patches, which are such a rare find and can last up to 72 hours when placed, you will need to get word to the boss that you’ve sold one or all so that she can keep track of how many there is in stock. Prices for opioids are inworld.
  • *Pass the dutchie on the left hand side* is what our customers are probably saying since we’ve got access to the weed commodity by way of the boss. If any staff member is wanting to sell joints express your interest ICly to the lead so that something can be worked out.
  • Beauty Supplies are too many to list here, but just know whatever you can think of, we’re running low on. When rping in the salon, think to yourself “Jail House or homemade beauty treatments.” For instance, instead of rping you’re about to use hair color from a box, rp using food coloring or kool-aid packets. Giving a facial? Take sand from the beach with some honey, mix it up then apply. Get creative and have fun with it!


Past Updates but still relevant:

  • Water- We sell it, but in LIMITED supply. DH has a water purification system, rped as a cast iron pot over an open flame that can only be used a few times per day. Due to the amount of firewood, lighter fluid and matches it takes just to get a decent fire going which are finite items as well.
  • Cleaning- It’s everyone’s job to keep DH looking and smelling nice, after all it’s the most luxurious business in Arklay, so yep standards are on high. *Coughs* Regardless of all the ciggy smoke. Cleaning entails, sweeping the floors, tidying the foyer, bedroom and skimming any crud off the hot spring are to name a few.
  • Laundry- We use the spring’s water or sea water for washing clothes and linen. As a standard, the clothes are washed in a large basin on the back porch and clothes hung over the railing to dry.
  • Mobile Services- is for anyone who enjoys being out and about and not always cooped up inside DH. It’s completely optional, if anyone wishes to participate. Assignments to go along with these services are located inside the staff room. Just wear your tag and click the map there.
  • Generator- It’s important to keep the generator working. The red lights surrounding the building function as beacons to the tired and weary travelers in search of a friendly face and a good time. If the generator is out of juice, someone else will claim those coins. And that we cannot have. So, if you see it running on empty and Missy isn’t around, send word by dropping a note in the red mail box out front or refuel it yourself and Missy will reimburse you.

For questions, suggestions or concerns, feel free to shoot an IM or drop a NC to Missy Falcove.



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January 22, 2017 at 2:23 pm
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