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Fortifying the town?

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I'm not very good with these posts but I'll give it a shot and if nothing makes sense then let me know and I'll just explain it in a video.

So at the time of making this post, it's currently 640 days since the Outbreak first began and folks set foot onto Arklay island, yet the town looks like the shit hit the fan just yesterday.

Why isn't the town fortified or at least cleaned up?  There shouldn't be cars still running or trucks on fire still.  The town should be locked down by now with no infected walking the street, piles of junk that litter the ground would of been put to good use elsewhere, etc.

One response I've heard when I've asked this question is that when a new person comes to the sim they see the town and they are like 'awesome post apocalyptic theme!'.  Personally I believe that can still be pulled off by having the town fortified and cleaned up, walk ways leading from roof top to roof top, traps and defenses set up, rain catchers and so on.  Because that's what happens when you look at any zombie fiction media that's gone on for a long time, people settle down.



Nothing needs to magically go up overnight either, it could be a on going RP that takes a few months where everyone is scavenging and constructing, the town could slowly be fortified and cleaned up one section at a time.

One idea I had that I wouldn't mind seeing would be the option of having barricades/fortifications that decay over time.  Similar to how the generators work where you place a fuel can next them to refuel them, only this time you would place scavenged materials next to barricades to repair them.  This create a constant source of RP as it would be vital to see this maintained in town, it could also be that if the barricades are up no infected spawn in town, but when decay too much then the spawners switch back on and we get infected in our streets.

September 12, 2016 at 8:17 am
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it's a crazy, dangerous world out there. It also holds beauty beyond compare... don't dream it, live it, if you dare...

September 14, 2016 at 4:11 am
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