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Zombie/Combat Workshop Notes

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These are the main points/questions discussed


**One thing that's super important - is how to enter a combat scene or in fact, a forced fantasy scene too. Remember, before trying to interfere a forced fantasy scene or an existing combat scene, always be courteous and IM players involved in the scene for permission. Sometimes just diving in there can make a mess of the scene if you don't do that. It's just common courtesy**

**When using a weapon make sure you have at least one post to show you're drawing it out, then in the next post you can attack with it.**

**Following post order in combat RP is very important as well, because it can descend into chaos if no-one follows that**

**The combat HUD is just an aid to the rp if players want to use it. It gives the option to attack another player and decides whether the attacks hits or not. It can be a way to decide the outcome of a fight, should either player not work it out themselves. But it is ONLY a tool.**

**The HUD in combat can be used as a decision maker - however its acceptable just to use freeform RP if players are responsible, however if a decision can't be reached on the outcome of a fight the HUD should be used.**

**The HUD is a tool only - however things like your vitality, the money on the hud, and ammunition are all linked to it - so for example if you never used the HUD, your character can't use firearms/projectiles of any kind, and you'd have no IC money**

**You do NOT have to engage NPC zombies, that's what the flee button on the HUD is for**



**Dale Turner plays the zombies on occasion that players can interact with and has a small personally vetted group that play this role.  It is a coled role however IM Dale Turner ((Fost Larix)) if this is a role that interests you.**

**The Zombies played by this group strive for realism as much as possible in an unrealistic world, meaning zombies aren't mushy squidgy things and they don't think.  They aren't super powered, they can't run and they can't have sex.**

**These zombies aren't that easy to kill but can be killed, by having the frontal lobe damaged or destroyed.**

**Knife through the eye, blunt force to the side of the skull, and hammers can be effective zombie killers.  Katanas and superman punches won't.**

**When encountering a zombie player a little common courtesy goes a long way as these players are doing it for our entertainment.  Going for a head shot in the first post is boring and likely to miss.**

**You will never be forced to be bitten or scratched without consent.  Even if scratched or bitten you cannot be forced to turn, but do seek medical treatment straight away**

**Zombie's should be terrifying. They also smell really, really bad.**

**Burning can hinder a zombies ability to move but probably won't kill it.**

**You can cut off the head but the zombie will still be "alive."**

**Zombies cannot climb ladders but can probably stumble up stairs etc. within reason.**

**You can mingle with zombies if you cover yourself with enough blood, guts, rotten meat etc. but you are taking a risk as they may or may not smell you.**

**They grunt but don't talk.**

**You have to have a lot of strength to bust open a zombie skull.  If you're not strong a sharp edged weapon to aim for the eye would be ideal BUT you'd have to get close.**

**Also if anyone is thinking about killing their character and turning must adhere to these guidelines and if you're killed as a zombie, you cannot come back as one again. Time to make a new character.**

**Do not ask questions about zombie genitalia.**

Any questions regarding this workshop please contact Buffy Aura or Fost Larix.

February 23, 2015 at 10:58 am
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February 23, 2015 at 6:10 pm
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February 24, 2015 at 3:39 am
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February 24, 2015 at 7:06 am
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