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It’s been a long couple weeks Journal. Crazy how life can have it’s highs and lows so quickly. What’s next? Not sure. Had a run in with my favorite stalker. He’s in a wheelchair, guess the rumors were true. I had him right there, barrel on him, cocked and ready to go… but I guess I still have some bit of human left in me.

His story changed, something about a Daniel.. how people aren’t who they say they are. Which is true, I’ve found out that people who were once allies aren’t so much anymore. New people have stepped into the light, maybe watching from the shadows the whole time, waiting for me to see what they have already known. Not sure anymore, but one thing I do know is I’m not a Rebel. Something isn’t right.. doesn’t feel right… I’ve got to stay far away from that station..I should perhaps stay away from the pub too, but those ladies… well we have been through a lot. We are pretty close knit now. Never changing, wavering, always real. Which is something I need in my life..

Everyone else? Eh, keep your enemies closer right? Let’s see how that goes.