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Paging a Nurse

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Got hired as a nurse, finally. Decided to spend my day learning my way around, familiarizing myself with a few hospital procedures. Some of it is old hat, like vitals, burn and break treatment. Some of it is new, although I’m hoping that I don’t have to do any catheters or anything. But lets me start earning some money again, so I can get by without any hand outs or having to trade some of my better items.

Made a new friend, although seems she lost one of hers. Isn’t that the way of this fucking world? Take, take, take. All it fucking does is take from us. Even if you get a little something or think you’re ahead. Haha, nope, it’s just the world preparing a massive log of shit to dump on your head. Worst part about it? Isn’t always the infected, either. Sometimes it is poor health, or not enough food or water. Sometimes it is an accident or weather, like having a fucking mudslide or boulder fall on you. The worst of it? Is your own fucking head, when the despair sits in and you can’t think of going on one more day without just putting a bullet in your own brain to save someone the trouble down the road.

Anyhow, things are getting better. They look better. We’ll see if they stay that way, or if the fan is just starting to spin.