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All in a days work!

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Caskca walks in and takes what she considers to be her now usual seat, only then does she look up at the two females that were already in the hospital before her, but as she didn’t see them in uniform she was not sure who they were or why they were here. “Can I help any of you ?… ” she smiled just about.  “I..I’m a nurse.” anyone hearing her voice would know she was not sure of what she was watched Marco checking the charts and quickly stood up wishing she wore glasses now to make her look more smarter, looked too at the charts and began to read, waiting to see if she would have no choice but to help someone today and they would probably die if she did, but well… she would try her best nonetheless, nodding understanding that one female was actually nurse and the other a patient and she was being taken care of she was happy about that. Moments later the nurse called out to them saying that it was pay day and  quickly runs past everyone into the room and grabs the cash with both hands so happy to get paid finally. “Oh my gwad I feel rich!” starts thinking of all the FOOD she gonna buy with this and just sit on her butt in front of that old freaking tv!