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  1. Caskca Resident

    Sex Life!

    14/08/2017,  Well what can I say, I thought that it was nothing special what the grown ups did and well being 18 makes me one too.  But had i known that having sex was like this I would have started having it a long long time ago! There was so...
  2. Caskca Resident

    All in a days work!

    30/07/2017 Caskca walks in and takes what she considers to be her now usual seat, only then does she look up at the two females that were already in the hospital before her, but as she didn’t see them in uniform she was not sure who they were or why...
  3. Caskca Resident

    The Moonshine Bar

    29/7/2017 Today we stumbled across a man on the side of a street and If im honest i couldn’t tell you where it was if i had to go back but i hope we will find it back again. But anyway if your ever in the spot of the Moonshine...
  4. Caskca Resident

    The Need of Good Friends

    28/07/2017 Well today we had another encounter and it would seem that they are not going to be stopping any time soon, yet again it freaked me out and i think that they always will really.  But one good thing did come of it, and that was my friend from...
  5. Caskca Resident

    The Scavenge Day One

    Wednesday 27/07/2017 it would seem that we had no choice but to leave our newly acquired safe haven up in the woods and scavenge for food.  I was not happy about this and if im to tell you the truth my fear took over me more, causing me to hide...