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Good people….

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Hmph, sometimes, I think back to before, and wish I could go back to how I was before everything went to hell. I used to not mind people so much. Now? Even with someone who means well, I get nervous. I stay on guard mentally.

Got lucky today, met a guy named Aiden, seemed ok, even helped me out with a med kit. Advised me to check out the trading post, and I might. But I can’t really stand even inquiring sometimes. I’m only at ease out with Nil, on the road or forest. Even heard someone on a bike earlier, and felt my nerves eat me. Bikes are faster than horses… Maybe I’ll find a campground somewhere to hole up for sometime. Never at ease where a lot of people are. Too much to worry about. I do need to hit up that post though. Get a grip Vym. I owe that guy, maybe I can return the favor sometime.