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  1. Rishalou Beika

    Keeping on.

    How long has it been since I wrote last in this? Was before I got sick. I feel like I’ve been down for awhile now. The only good thing was finding one of the campsites abandoned. I can’t do much right now besides try to sleep off whatever I have....
  2. Rishalou Beika

    Good people….

    Hmph, sometimes, I think back to before, and wish I could go back to how I was before everything went to hell. I used to not mind people so much. Now? Even with someone who means well, I get nervous. I stay on guard mentally. Got lucky today, met a...
  3. Rishalou Beika

    Early Start

    Well Vym, you certainly need to up your game…. Went out early to try hunting. Gotta say, never thought I’d end up soaking wet chasing that boar. It’s what I get for tripping on that dang branch and going headlong into the pond… I swear my horse Nil was laughing...
  4. Rishalou Beika

    Exploring Arklay…

    Well I finally made it to this island… Wish to heck my uncle could be here though. Was rough and if it wasn’t for this mare I found awhile back, I’d certainly not have made it here as easy that’s for sure. Good thing the horse was raised well, boat...