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My First Patient’s

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Dear Diary,

I signed in my first patient today at AES Hospital that came in limping she sprained her ankle fighting off a zombie. The girl’s sprained ankle reminded me of when I sprained my ankle the same way by zombies coming out of nowhere so fast your first reactions is just to jump away and be prepared to fight. I wrapped the girls foot with some ace bandage told her try keep it rested and to stay off of it as much as possible. I really enjoyed working with the patient and trying to help them, I think I’m really going like my new career. Now I can’t wait to get some cash flow so I can get myself together and live somewhat of a normal life. I love working at AES Hospital sometimes it gets lonely which is good thing that many people don’t need medical attention and taken care of themselves. Creepy Charlie, has them wondering eyes when you walk by or speak to him so I try to keep the conversation with him very short. A few hours later after leaving work I get word from my sister Groovy that she had ate rotten flesh and had got Dysentery again. I don’t know what my Jenna and I are going to do with this girl I swear reminds me of the cereal commercial when I was a kind “Mikey likes it,” she will eat anything if she is hungry enough. Luckily there is some nice people around Arklay Island, that will help new residents like us still learning to adjust to this new way of life.  Groovy she is also lucky to have me around in the hospital not many  staff that works the same shift as me. After finally getting Groovy all taken care of and laying down resting in the treatment room I thought this would be a great time write in my Journal after doing all my patients forms. Little did I know my second patient would be one of my sisters I’m just glad she is going to pull through, Jenna and I are just going to have to keep a closer eye on her.