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  1. katonia aries

    Shroom’s Takes The Day

    Dear, Diary Yesterday, I came into work as if a normal day where nothing was unordinary few infected zombies jumping out from behind trees, dumpster, and building corners. I am always on guard for that happening. However, today took me by surprise while I was at work which was pretty...
  2. katonia aries

    The New Arrival

    Dear Diary, Today I met a new-comer on the island and had to do a mandatory checkup for new arrivals on him to make sure he is not infected and that all his vitals are stable and in good health so that we prevent from any major problems on the...
  3. katonia aries

    The Dog Gone’ Flu

    Dear Diary, I started my day out like I usually do woke up steamed me up a cup of coffee and get ready to do some scavenging around Arklay Island. After hours of scavenging for some goods I came across a can of dog food which is good to eat...
  4. katonia aries

    Small World and New Faces

    Dear Diary, I came into work today at AES and enjoying the fact that I have a job that I enjoy and look forward to doing. I started my shift by reviewing some files that Charlie had out on the front desk. After having reviewed the stack of files on...
  5. katonia aries

    My First Patient’s

    Dear Diary, I signed in my first patient today at AES Hospital that came in limping she sprained her ankle fighting off a zombie. The girl’s sprained ankle reminded me of when I sprained my ankle the same way by zombies coming out of nowhere so fast your first reactions...
  6. katonia aries

    Brighter Horizons

    Dear Diary, Today I came into my new job as a nurse at AES Hospital. As I was entering the hospital I saw Hayley that I met at the bonfire from the night before. I greeted Hayley as I was walking in she asked me if I was working at...
  7. katonia aries

    Bonfire Gone Wrong

    Dear Dairy, This is most eventful day I’ve had since been on Arklay Island. When I first woke up this morning I went to go check on my sister Groovy in the hospital where she had been sick from drinking nasty water and getting dysentery from it. Groovy seem to...
  8. katonia aries

    Swept Away

    Dear Diary, Its been awhile since I’ve written in my Journal after few days of exploring Arklay Island. I’ve encounter couple of the infected zombies on the island but nothing like on the main-land; however, I managed to survive the attacks without a weapon. The island is great place to...
  9. katonia aries

    Day 2

    Day 2- Dear Diary, Pt. 1 Me and my sisters traveled around the island looking at all the different shops and places that was for sale. I was really intrigued on how the survivors are managing to survive. We finally found the hospital which had a free survival kit and...