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Shroom’s Takes The Day

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Dear, Diary

Yesterday, I came into work as if a normal day where nothing was unordinary few infected zombies jumping out from behind trees, dumpster, and building corners. I am always on guard for that happening. However, today took me by surprise while I was at work which was pretty much a slow evening at AES Hospital. Only thing that was going on was the Doctor was fixing up a wounded patient that came in and needed stiches and I was just going through some medical paperwork at the front desk that needed to be signed off before filing. Then suddenly someone wearing a lab coat and nothing but underwear on underneath came in saying “it’s here.. I got to find it..,” repeatedly to himself searching through the cabinets and running through the hallways and into every room. Well myself being sort of new to AES was shocked like “what tha f***,” and not sure what I needed to do to get this guy calmed down enough to figure out what was wrong with him. After tracking him down inside the hospital from running around like a mad-man, I asked the doctor that was on duty that night what I needed to do in this type of situation she told me if I couldn’t get the man to calm down that I could get security the orderlies stationed inside AES to help contain the  man. Also the doctor mentioned that the man came in earlier saying that he took shrooms and she admitted him to be monitored where he did not stay and left before being evaluated or even signing a patient release form. After the doctor mentioning this to me and I told the doctor what he was wearing and the doctor replied “that’s how he got out of here..,” which was sort of funny at the time. I tried to get the intoxicated man to calm down and stop rummaging through everything which me being a smaller than the man and let alone a woman. On the safe-side I called over the orderlies to step in and have him place in one of the cells until he gets some rest, food, and water in his system and back to his normal self again so that he don’t hurt himself or anyone else for that matter. I was so caught off-guard with this situation and had no clue what to do at first but with help of the amazing doctor and the orderlies I caught on quickly and managed my way through this one. At-least now I know what to do next time if something like this happens and better prepared for the most unthinkable situations that could occur. This is one of the most interesting days I have had yet on Arklay Island guess you could say the shrooms takes the day for this one, you never know what may happen. Everyday is a new day.