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Water Zombies

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Dear, Diary

The water is now up to my knees in my trailer, I had to grab some of things I had packed up and store them on dry land along with some other salvageable items. Also AES is about to be submerged two more floors to go all that hard work they did moving the equipment up the top floors might not pay-off like they thought but at-least they attempted to try to save some the valuable items that we do have to help people, who was know when this high-tide or what was high-tide due to the rain that is now a disaster is going to stop. All I can do now is lend a helping hand here and there to the citizens around Arklay, which not much we can do until the rising of the water stops, that is when the hard work sets in with all the cleanup that will needed to be done. While we wait I’ve trying to pass some time by fishing and reading my book. I haven’t had any luck catching anything except a water zombie floating around underneath all this mess along with a dead chicken. Hopefully this the water will stop soon before it kills off what wild-life we do have on the island is one of the main sources we use for food on the island. If it was warm enough it would be nice to take a swim. However; other than sharks swimming around you have to worry about them water zombies grabbing and pulling you under and trying to eat you like the shark so guess swimming is out of the question for me. It will be interesting to see what could have washed up after the water goes back down to sea level.