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Hospital Shelter

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Came across a hospital, that showed quite some activity. Meeting a chap I never got the name of, he beckoned me over, and simply pointed at a pile of blankets, asking if I could fold them up and hand them out to a small band of traumatised civs that had just arrived. Of course I started handing them out, also trying to take a few minutes talk with the arrivals, to check their state, signs for PTSD, and so on. One girl at the shelter, as they referred this place as, told me two of the team had ventured out three days to check up on a rumour about a small group being out in the woods and had not been heard from since, so she was thankful for me joining them. Most of the afternoon was spent doing paperwork, filling in forms for the arrived, which was not at easy as it sounds. One of the men showed signs of shell shock and disorientation, so I pointed him out to a geezer that seemed to be some senior staff, as well as a young girl that was near catatonic and couldn’t remember her surname.
After dinner (a hot soup!), I was told to get in touch with some senior staff, like Benjamin Weber, if I wanted, to join the team. I was offered a bunk, which was an unexpected luxury and for some time found myself asleep within minutes.