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  1. jennavecia Fang

    Pooping in Holes

           Hey there ,it’s me again Margaret lol that use to be a old song well I guess it’s still an old song ,,but there is something I wanted to vent about,,,  poop holes in the in the woods , something no girl thought she would have to worry with until...
  2. jennavecia Fang

    Davy Crockett

                             Hello it’s me again not much to say things are about the same only thing new is that I have almost master the fine art of hunting wild animals ,, who knew I had it in me I think there would only be 2 men who would be impressed...
  3. jennavecia Fang

    Pockets 2

                                   So it seems that I didn’t get my thoughts on paper the first time so here I go again ,sounds like a old song called ‘so here I go again on my own ‘ not sure of who use to sing it but yeah lol. As I said the...
  4. jennavecia Fang

    Journal maddness

              Yeah been a while since I last enter anything so I thought I might give it a go ..well where does one start knowing there is going to be no end in sight my sister Groovy got sick again not to long after that so did my other sister Kate...
  5. jennavecia Fang


         So here she goes again walking her way to work Jenna cold from the icy rain oh how she wish the sun was out longing to feel the heat on her she was soaked to the bone but that still didn’t slow her down any so she sloshed threw the...
  6. jennavecia Fang

    No Rain …

    For the fist time since the sister’s have landed on the island Jenna thinks that this is the fist time with no rain pouring down on them so Jenna’s spirit is high as she is over joy when she walks into the hospital to find that her sister Groovy sitting...
  7. jennavecia Fang

    Luck or Unlucky ??

    Well have you ever heard of the statement if it wasn’t for bad lucky I wouldn’t have any luck at all ,,in some case’s that might be true as Jenna thinks to her self as she finds herself sitting at the bed side of her sister who is ill an...