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  1. Ben Darcy

    Catching up with Baymo

    Met up with an old friend the other day, Baymo. I remember when we both worked at the S-Mart, she had grand plans of growing pot and branching out on her own; looks like she succeeded. I traded some shells I had for some food, she tossed in a couple...
  2. Ben Darcy

    Home sweet, someplace…

    Well, I was able to meet with Dale at the S-mart, god bless her, she’s as tough as ever; but I have my job back. She did send me off to the AES about my cough, its just cold I’ve been shaking for the last week, but I’m home now....
  3. Ben Darcy

    Making my way back

    It has been months since I have written something here. My last entry was escaping an old hospital on the mainland, I thought I had succeeded. Until I woke up a week later in a small camp, I had a pretty bad head wound, but seemed to be in good...