Outbreak is a post-apocalyptic, horror, and survival-themed role-play community in Second Life. After a successful launch in 2015, the sim was marked as an official Second Life Destination and has continued to grow since.


Day 3513. I’m still alive. The things I’ve seen… the things I’ve had to do… please, God. Forgive me.

Our story continues 3513 days after news of the Outbreak first broke on news outlet around the world. An unknown contagion was infecting the population and rapidly spreading through major cities and continents.

We don’t know how many of us are out there. We don’t even know if there are other communities surviving like ourselves.

However, what we do know is a small barrier island off the coast of California has become a trading hub for a growing community of survivors … possibly a sanctuary … and that danger is ever present from the Infection, the Infected, and worse … the Raiders.

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